I write for fun, too – Check out my ebooks

I love writing, and over the years I’ve created a handful of ebooks, using Adobe InDesign to create .pdfs. Here are five of them.

I can write ebooks for your business or a personal project. Whatever your subject, audience or length, I’ll be delighted to talk through your ebooks project with you. Email me at kate@wordcat.co.uk or call on 01271 858437 or 07976 737243.

If you have any questions, about my ebooks or anything else about my writing services, you should find the answer here.

My ebooks - The front cover of a poetry ebook called The Almost-Elephant
The Almost-Elephant
My ebooks - ebook cover for a book of silly and funny facts about Yorkshire.
Strange, weird, wonderful and silly facts about Yorkshire
My ebooks - ebook cover for Fluffy Lips, a book of funny 'spun' online directory entires.
Fluffy Lips
My ebooks - ebook cover of Blancminge, a book of funny overheard snippets of conversation.
My ebooks: ebook cover for a collection of ghost stories by Kate Goldstone
The ghost stories project